Recluse History

The early years:

Well it all started back in the early 80's, five lads from that fine educational establishment know as the Soton Eaton or Shirley Warren to give it its official name came together to create fine music. The actual line up before naming the band Recluse  had many forms with all kinds of people contributing or being part of it in the early days some names you may remember Steve Can, Martin Will, Andy B, Roger B, Paul D's and Wally Ph to name a few. Some sadly no longer with us Teddy Shaw and Steve Harrison.

Then the five who made up the line up which lasted the best part of 25 years was formed. Comprising of Paul Barry (lead), Dave Colmer (Bass and vocals), John Harris(vocals and Rhythm), Chris Harrison(Rhythm ) and Tim Picket (Drums).

The first Gig was in June 1983 at the Hampton park in Burgess road now a MacDonalds (still serving up crap to the punters then!). We played 1/2 a set with another band who's name escapes me, but included Betty, Shaun, and Crom

Our big influence in those days were local musicians who were the only ones we could afford to watch. Such bands as Rocks off, Burnsie Brown, Boss, Bob Pe, the Williams brothers(Mick and Bob),  Tex, Refugee (with Melvin MacRae) and Cagey Bee were who we watched, and from whom we learn 't a great deal.

In those early days pubs such as the Crown in Shirley (where we played for Ian Botham). The Old English Gentlemen at Lymington (with Hippy Nick), the Onslow, the Angel (with Clare behind the bar) and Dickie Mo propping it up, and even the Joiners (with Adrian behind the bar and Sam and Julie the owners) were places where we gigged frequently, we also played in the old Theatre royal bar at Winchester (always a free bar there). Plus we did lots of private gigs, our favorite being Speedfellows (Adam our cordial host and his mum who baked the special cakes). Such bands as Abandon City, White Lies and Monday Mafia now come to mind. Of course we cannot forget our sound man Scots Bob F who helped and supported us through this period.

The Canute:

Then we discovered the Canute and this was probably our heyday in terms of Gigs and social drinking. With Joe the landlord this was the place to be, and we had many a good night in the Canute both playing and watching other bands. Such people as Ginger, Andy + Phil C , that nice man Alan behind the bar, Wayne S, Neil and Nettie and their Dad Bob , Shaun, Karl and Wayne and Jenny, Brian & Lyn, all shared this time with us. Can you remember the theme nights we had there, flan the band, beach party, hello hello and our ZZ top nights.

Around this period we also played at places such as the Waterloo, Southsea rock gardens with Fester and the Vomits,the Station at Lymington, and the Smugglers at Milford on sea where we met Chris Cooke and played for him in his back garden, which was the start of the Keyhaven rock festival.

After the Canute was over we followed Joe to the Anchor and Hope and played there on numerous occasions.

Also do you remember seeing us at the various Bikers rallies and parties, such as Bubbles ball, organised by Caroline who is sadly missed, the Harley Davidson rallies (Blackfield and the Sandy balls caravan park), Triumph owners club rallies at Horton heath. The Hot otters rally and TOMMC Middlesex.

Lineup 2:

This finally came to an end and we had a slight gap due to illness in one of the guys families. Once a full recovery was made. We then started gigging again, infrequently at the start and now back to one or two gigs a month. Slightly after we started again Tim left and Kev or Nozzer joined as our new drummer. Classic rock was not his first music choice but this soon changed and he blended into  the band very quickly.Status who was our roadie  also came back to the fold.

Kev stayed with the band for a good few years and a lot of excelent gigs, until the day came when he felt he had to put on his slippers and cardigan and start relaxing a bit more, so the search for Kev's replacement started, we were all in agreement of who we wanted but the bugger was otherwise engaged, but eventually due to good timing he became available so we nabbed him, so onto lineup 3 and the present.

Lineup 3  ( Present )

Chris, Paul, John, Dave, all original members of Recluse were joined by Bill so now with the complete lineup we are hoping to play as much as we can where ever we can, so we thank you all for your help and support over the years and have a look through some of the galleries if you can spot yourself then come and ask us for a pint at a gig as payment, second thoughts you should buy us one for putting your ugly mug on the site.

If you look in the picture gallery you will see how we have changed during the decades that have passed by. If we have left you off the list above or you have any pictures or videos for inclusion send them to us and we will put them in the gallery.