2018  was a new era in the life of Recluse, with the departure of John the main vocalist, guitarist and founder member also all round good egg.

John, after many  years of  working in heavy industry by day  and  being a rock god at night has locked away his tools and taken his guitar to much deserved sunnier climes where he still continues to strum and belt out the vocals.

He is and will always be part of  Recluse and his presence will be missed.


Recluse continue to play as a four piece,

Dave, Chris, Bill and Paul   we continue to play the songs we like and have grown old with and also  with all the same enjoyment, enthusiasm, and hope that the audience have had a good time.

Recluse have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of very  good people support us and become good friends over the years and there is no possible way we could thank you enough as we would not have lasted this long without you.



 Recluse Lineup


Rythymn, lead Guitars



Chris is a cheerful chappie and  does like his music and beer in any order. One of the founder members, he Likes the technology side of things and keeps up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos and knows what he likes when it comes to his Amp and guitar.  Now his son little Kris who is actually bigger than the rest of us is following in the old man's footsteps. He is one to watch for the future, who will no doubt keep the rock scene going long after we have gone.



Main Vocal, Rythymn, Lead Guitars ( oh and Tambourine )



Another one of the originals (Harry) here in full flow.

When we started, as per normal in all bands we had 4 guitarists and a drummer.

Then John began to sing and has done so ever since.

He has a versatile voice and can cope easily with all the various styles that we have a go at. He also plays rhythm guitar and is an accomplished player, just don't ask him to play a particular chord, as he never seems to know what any of them are.

Also has a serious problem of counting to four in any sort of time not the best person to ask to start a song. John can be a perfectionist except when he has had to many shandys .






Bass, Vocal, Keyboards ( General Busybody)



Dave, (Beaky) Original member and Bass player extraordinarie, his musical knowledge second to none "Well at least in Recluse on a bad night " has played and will play with anyone.

Dave can hold his own on Guitar, Piano and Vocals but he is held in high regard in this little musical pond called Southampton for his Bass playing.

It is Beaky's attitude to having a good time, also the fact he has no shame, that has ensured he gets the most out of Recluse gigs, and his famous quote is "I enjoyed it anyway" which i think he uses through life be it Gigs, his own jokes , Foriegn food or Sex.





Drums ( and lots of them )



Bill is the newest member to join the Recluse flock, and with the great wealth of experience and enthuisiasm he is also a "bloody nice bloke".

He plays with the energy of a 25 year old ( but a 25 year old what ?).

As mentioned Bill has a great deal of experience and a great pedigree of previous bands he has played in, so we are very pleased to welcome him to the fold.




Lead and Rythymn Guitars



Paul has been there since the start, The lead guitarist of the outfit. A versatile player who can play most styles well. Always perceived as a shy guy as he tends always to be stuck behind the speakers.

He plays down his talent and should be out the front strutting his stuff (um tight leopard skin pants may be the order of the day), maybe not, not a pretty sight.

He has a dry sense of humour and nearly always has an answer to most comments flying his way.

Can always be relied on to put in a good performance. His style and playing rules are to keep things simple this extends to his gear where a simple Marshall stack and a few distortion pedals is the order of the day. Just goes to show the easy way is the best, and when you hear him play you will see why.

Still think he should wear leopard skin pants though!